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Dale is a Director, Editor, and hat enthusiast on a mission to entertain, empower, and inspire others through visual storytelling.

He has cut his teeth making commercials and content for brands like Microsoft, Meta, and many others. Along with his commercial experience, he has pursued narrative and documentary projects as well. He is currently working on a documentary about a woman who is surprised to discover one morning that her husband of 18 years was running a Ponzi scheme and is now on the run from the FBI.

Dale loves the collaborative process and working with partners where he can bring a strong vision to life but also takes great pleasure in empowering clients to produce content using in-house resources. When he's not working on commercials or corporate content, you can find Dale collaborating with other filmmakers on narrative / documentary projects through his production company, Pushing Rogue.


He currently resides in the Atlanta area with his wife and two children.

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