Learn more about projects we've worked on over the past few years and how these projects helped our partners.

9Q | Finding Flow In Course Content

9Q is a consulting firm based in California that helps teams and organizations profitably execute strategy around purpose driven-initiatives. They decided they wanted to expand their audience beyond their consulting clients by creating a course on emotional intelligence, energetic intelligence, and flow. Here's how we did it.

Microsoft + Steelcase: Campaign Promo

Microsoft is a software company while Steelcase is a design and furniture company. Together, they designed a device that organizations could use to promote collaboration seamlessly. Now they just needed to tell everyone about it. Their agency on record, WE Communications approached us with a creative vision and sought our help in executing the production. Here's what we did. 

Go Beyond: The Purpose Journey Course Content

Go Beyond is a financial consulting services company that helps their clients manage money through a wholistic approach that involves identifying ones mission and purpose. They developed a software application that made this process smoother and decided they would build a course to accompany that application. Here's what we did to help.

Kennesaw State University: MBA TV Commercials

Kennesaw State University wanted to produce two commercials for their Masters in Business Administration program - one for the on campus version and one for their online version that was specifically targeted to young working professionals looking for a leg up in their career. Here's what we did to make that vision a reality.

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